About Us

Hi, I’m Erika

My husband and I have had a passion for traveling since we were young and now are sharing that passion with our two children. I became the family’s designated travel planner extraordinaire creating detailed itineraries to get the most out of our trips, but also make it fun and interesting for our children. I quickly realized that planning was a journey in itself! A task that requires, time and patience. You realize that there’s no one place to find it all so you end up utilizing Pinterest, Tik Tok, Instagram, Travelocity, Oyster, Expedia, etc. etc… you get what I mean. It can be overwhelming.

As I shared our adventures with friends and colleagues, they often asked for me to share the itineraries with them, especially those with young kids. I was happy to share my trips and make it easier for friends to take on these adventures and create their own memories. So, fast-forward to now, I have finally decided to share these itineraries with you online. I hope to give you a starting point and ideas to save you time and enjoy the process of planning trips of a lifetime for you and your family.

Thank you for joining me in this travel adventure and hope you enjoy our experiences and share your own with me!